ScoutReach Culture Day – Help Wanted

We are in need of a Cub Scout Activities Chairperson for Scoutreach Cultural Day 2016, scheduled for Saturday, 27 February from 7:30am – 3:00pm. If you can assist or even be willing to pull together a few folks to help organize the event activities as a committee, that would be greatly appreciated.  We have after action reports from the past few events so a lot of it is making calls lining up folks to teach various activities/subjects.  We would like to have someone who has been through the training of the new Cub Scout program, since this will be the first time at this event using the new requirements.
If you can assist, please email Verne Spearman at or me.  We have an overall Cultural Day committee who can assist and we meet about once/month during lunch time to facilitate coordination.  Thanks in advance and remember – the Cub Scout program is the foundation for the Scouting program!