Banquet info – please read – time changes

The annual Leader Award Banquet is this Saturday- January 30th at Holy Spirit on Airport at 6pm.
Tickets are $15 (we’ve sold 92 so there are about 20 of you waiting until the last minute). I have to get my final totals send in to my vendors.
Last day to buy is TODAY by COB. If you can’t get it today- contact me: Dianna O’Dell at I can reserve your ticket(s) to be paid in exact change at the banquet. I will need to know steak or chicken selection when you contact me.
For anyone that is new or never attended before….
The Leader Banquet is where your unit and leaders receive the awards they have been working on so hard for the last year or in the case of Veteran awards and such…many years. The evening includes great conversation and fabulous food: your choice of steak or chicken, veggies, bread, salad, drink, chocolate yummies and desserts. It’s a great deal for a night out without the kids. :o)
I’ll need help setting up again this year…the wrinkle this year is we can’t get into the Family Life Center until 1:00 (now time has changed) that day! Yikes!! So, we have 4 fewer hours to set-up for it. Please let me know if you can help. If your son is OA and would like to help, have them let the chapter leader know. They’ll give me their info. We will feed the OA volunteers. We do require full uniform for OA volunteers. I need the OA to arrive by 5pm to help with last minute banquet things and to practice the presentation of colors. Will need the OA volunteers to help with cleanup too.
We’ll be doing something new this year as part of the silent auction. I’m asking each unit to sponsor a basket. Pick a theme: movie night, pamper mom, baking bonanza, your favorite team souvenir things… Then have your unit members bring in items to go in your basket. We’ll have some of the baskets in the silent auction and some for door prizes (depends on how many we get). These will help offset to cost of all the awards and expenses. Please let me know if you plan to bring a basket so I can coordinate the themes so we don’t get all the same type things. :o)–So far have only heard from 3 units (including my own) about bringing baskets. All the award’s cost comes out of my budget so the more awards units put in…. Then many units don’t even attend so 100% 
Dianna O’Dell
Banquet Chair
Talakto Activities Chair