Talakto District Pinewood Derby – updated information

Talakto Pinewood Derby
March 19th – Saturday
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1297 Slaughter Road, Madison, AL
Times remain as published on the forms:
Registration: 9 – 1
Race 2:00
Looks award 2:00
Open Race 5:00
Volunteers- Every Pack is required to submit 2 names of volunteers to work the Derby (either set-up, registration, race, cleanup). ¬†Each person is assigned a 2 hour shift. You’ll have a primary volunteer and a back-up (in case the primary can’t work at the last minute). If you’d like to submit more than that, we’d love that!! The event really runs better with more volunteers and that is what we want is a better event for the Cub Scouts!
Thanks for all you do in Scouting!!
Dianna O’Dell