New Lion Cub Program – how to be an Akela

Exciting news for the Cub Scout Program. The Greater Alabama Council has been accepted into the National BSA’s Pilot Program for Kindergarten aged boys. 

Lion Guide Position:

• Has Previous Experience as a Den Leader
• Works directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that the    den is active and a part of the pack
• Plans the initial den meetings and outings
• Mentors the Adult Partners in how to deliver the the program
• Attends pack leaders meetings
• Leads the den at monthly outings and pack activities
• Ensures transition from Lion Cub to Tigers
• Prepares Lions for Day Camp at the end of the year if appropriate
• Coordinates “shared” leadership among the Lion Cub adult partners
• Ensures that each Lion and his partner have the opportunity to be a host team which plans and executes den activities and rotates the responsibilities monthly

Your pack will be receiving more information from the Council Commissioner as we receive it from the National Council. If you would like to receive early consideration for your pack please submit: Pack Number, Lion Guide’s Name, E-mail and phone number to