Popcorn is Coming – Here are the key dates…

Selling popcorn teaches Scouts the value of earning his own way, builds self-confidence, and allows him to earn advancements and merit badges. Generally, people aren’t buying the popcorn; they are paying to support your Scouting program. Have your scouts focus on this aspect in their ask and you will find sales increase.
Key Popcorn Dates

  • July 30th – Popcorn Kickoff
  • August 4th – Popcorn Sale Begins/ Forms at Roundtable
  • August 5th – Show and Sell Orders Due
  • August 19th and 20th – Pick up Show N Sell Popcorn
  • September 23rd – Show and Sell Product due
  • October 21st – Take Order & Prize Order DUE!
  • November 12th – Take Order Product Pick up
  • December 9th – Popcorn Money DUE!