Meet our new Vigil Honor recipients

Meet our new Vigil Honor recipients!

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that may be bestowed on a member of the Order of the Arrow. It is given, not earned. Each lodge may petition the National Order of the Arrow to bestow the Vigil on a group of its members.

Recipients of the Vigil Honor are selected based on their dedication and continued service to the lodge, the Order of the Arrow, the Scouting community, and/or a scout camp.

Here are our 2016 Vigil Honor recipients:

  • Logan Dolloff
  • Ryan Hall
  • Zachary Johnson
  • Adler Salem
  • Mr. Jim Charlton
  • Mr. Justin Conn
  • Mr. Ron Moore
  • Mrs. Cindy Perry

Congratulations to all of our new Vigil Honor recipients. You can find their Vigil names and translations on our website: