Banquet tickets and other news

We currently have sold 76 tickets for the annual leader banquet. Please don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. I have to get orders placed, china reserved, etc. We have always had over 100+ at the banquet so please get your tickets ASAP. If you are picking up for a group of people, keep in mind that we need your meat selection at time of purchase. (If you did not give that at time of purchase—3 did not, please call Carol at the Service Center and let her know your ticket number and your selection.)
We will need help with set-up from 9am until we are done on the 28th.
Cooking and prep help starting at noon. My normal chef in charge may be out of town that weekend so I will need more help than in the past.
Clean-up help immediately following the banquet.
Dianna O’Dell