Multi-District Day of Training – more details

Adult Training:
$5 fee for adults to cover building use. Some classes have additional costs.
Adults and Youth:
Lunch may be purchased during registration for $5.
Youth Training
9am – 4pm ILST: Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops
FREE-Bring your own sack lunch, or buy when registering
ILST is required for a youth to attend National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
9am – 1pm Combined Cub Training: Pack Committee, Cubmaster, Den Leader Training
The reason we have combined these trainings is to help Leaders by getting them trained in all three positions, but also to help the Den Leader understand the role of the Cubmaster and the Committee and vice versa for each position. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out who is supposed to be what doing what and how each of these positions support the other to make the Pack successful.
 9am – 4pm BALOO +$15 (includes lunch)
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation – To take your Pack camping, you must, at least have on person who has been trained in BALOO.  But think about it, if that one person gets sick, their Scout gets sick or goodness, they have to work, then the Pack is left without someone who is BALOO trained and would have to cancel the Pack outing.  We all know that Scouting has OUTing in it, and the youth love to get out.  So send your parents, grandparents, cousins, and untrained leaders.  Besides the training is fun and you get to make your own food to be cooked over an open fire.
9am – 2pm (new ending time) Scoutmaster/Assistant Leader Specific Training
All new SMs/ASMs should take this training.  If you have taken this training and want a refresher course or if your new SMs/ASMs need encouragement to go to training, it’s always better with a  buddy, sign up to take the training.  The syllabus was updated in 2015.
Also all Arrow of Light Cub Scout Leaders who are crossing over into a troop soon, should take this training.
9am – 10am Merit Badge Counselor Training
This training doesn’t get offered a lot throughout Council.  We offer it at the Multi-District Day of Training in January and it is offered at the University of Scouting on February 25, 2017 at Cullman High School in Cullman, AL.  If you have time and haven’t been trained, sign up for it and you and you can take other trainings too or just come for the class.
10am – 1pm Troop Committee Challenge
This is a great training for the new Troop Committee members to understand what a Troop is and what the Committee’s role is with the Troop, the Chartered Organization and Council.  Most Leaders who have crossed over into the Troop, probably have not had any dealings with Troops and this is the best way to understand your role with the Troop.
9am-4pm Trainer’s E.D.G.E. +$5 (includes lunch)
This class is a great training for anyone.
Trainer’s EDGE is BSA’s trainer development course designed to help Scouters put into practice the EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable) training model and gain self-confidence through hands-on training experiences.  Trainer’s EDGE brings to life the EDGE model taught in Troop Leadership Training, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training, National Youth Leadership Training, and Wood Badge.  
Trainer’s EDGE is a requirement to serve as staff on NYLT and Wood Badge.  Also, if you are a trainer at the University of Scouting, you should also take Trainer’s EDGE.
9am-1pm Basic First Aid
Everyone should take First Aid.  First Aid is a requirement on the Tour Permit.
9am-1pm CPR +$10
Everyone should take CPR, it could save lives.
1-4pm Chartered Organization Representative Training
This is the training that your Chartered Organizational Representative should take to be trained.
2-4pm My.Scouting Training
Can’t figure this program out?  We have a teacher who can walk you through the program and answer your questions. FYI… the program only works on Google Chrome and requires Adobe Flash.
9am-12pm The Trail from Webelos to Eagle – Pack to Troop Transition
The Arrow of Lights cross over at Blue and Gold, now what?  What is the parent’s role in the Troop, where does a new Boy Scout fit into the Troop, what is Boy Led and what should be done prior to crossing over?  What should the Troop do to prepare for the AOLs crossing over? All these questions and more are answered in this class.
1-3pm How to Implement Religious Emblems Programs
 We have Scout Sundays, but what exactly is the Religious Emblems Program, how does this program cover all faiths, who is the facilitator of this program, and what awards can your youth and you, if you are a mentor, receive in this program?  This and many more questions are answered in this class.