Nova and Super Nova – updates

Nova and Super Nova
The Nova and Supernova awards are still available and there are actually a few new Nova awards for Cub Scouts available.  The Nova awards have been adjusted to be consistent with the latest update to the Cub advancement program. Click Here

To understand the Nova and Supernova Awards better BSA has a STEM Orientation that can be found, Click Here 

Also, there will be Nova Counseling/Supernova Mentoring (TRN 108) offered during theUniversity of Scouting

A Supernova Mentor must have demonstrable STEM skills to guide and instruct the Scout.  The Mentor must be approved by the Council BEFORE working with the Scout. Dr. Richard Stone is authorized to approve the mentor and he may be contacted by email; or by fax at 256 325 1268 or by phone at 505 238 1149. 

The Scout must also complete their application for the Supernova Award, which must be signed the Unit Leader, the Scout, Nova Committee Representative and the Scout Executive. 

Mentor Application
Supernova Application