Help Needed for Eagle Breakfast – April 13

Next Thursday morning, 13 April 2017, the Talakto District, Greater Alabama Council, will hold its annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) Corporate event.  We will have many of the leaders in our community from corporations to community leaders in attendance.  Our keynote speaker is Senator Luther Strange, who himself is a Distinguished Eagle Scout.
The event this year is a breakfast, vice lunch, to accommodate our speaker, as well as provide the best venue for the event.  The event will start promptly at 8:00am in the Saturn Hall at the Davidson Center, part of the US Space & Rocket Center.
We are hoping to have several scouts at all levels (Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturing, and Exploring) who can attend the event as well as support with the program.
I need scouts for the following duties:
One Venture Scout, two Boy Scouts, and two Cub Scouts for the presentation of the colors and Pledge of Allegiance. 
I need a scout to lead the Scout Oath and Law after the Pledge is completed
I need a scout to do the invocation after the Scout Oath and Law are completed (decent prayer written out)
We also need scouts to help usher guests in and get them to their tables.
Lastly, we would like to have scouts sitting around the room at various tables so that the community leaders can see and hear what scouting is all about in our great district.
I ask that if you volunteer for this event, you are in COMPLETE Class “A” uniform, including scout trousers/pants – OR – you have decent dress slacks to wear – (no jeans please).
If you do volunteer for one of the above duties (including if you are just attending) that you let me know by this Sunday evening, 9 April, to help us finalize headcount for tables.
If you are a volunteer for one of the above duties, I will need you at the Davidson Center no later than 7:30am, so we can go over you duties, do a dry run through, and get you in the right place.  This will be a very nice event for scouts and we look forward to your support.
My contact info is as follows:
Jim Charlton
Talakto District Commissioner
2017 Corporate FOS Campaign Steering Committee