Take a Minute to #ThankAScouter

April 23 – 29 is Volunteer Appreciation Week. We’re using the whole month of April to thank our one-of-a-kind volunteer base.

We should show gratitude to volunteers all year long, but we’re asking you to put 2-3 of the below tips to work and spread the appreciation nationwide.

Here’s How You Can #ThankAScouter:

  1. Share content on your social media using the hashtag #ThankAScouter. Post thank you photos, snap pics of hand-painted signs, share long or short tribute posts – anything to recognize the special volunteer or volunteers shaping the Scouting movement. You may see tagged posts shared on the BSA’s official social media channels too!
  2. Write thank you letters. Diverse volunteers appreciate diverse mediums for recognition. In short, don’t discount a hand-written thank you note.
  3. Host a volunteer appreciation event. This can be simple. You could take a volunteer or volunteers out to lunch. Throw them a mini pizza party. Or just gather your unit around a volunteer to share why Scouts are grateful for their time.
  4. Record a thank you video and post it on your Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram story. If you have a young or a social media-loving volunteer, this is an inventive, surprise way to reach them. Make sure you’re connected to the volunteer you’re thanking on the channel you choose. The bonus of this choice is you will be showing your fellow followers your love for Scouting.
  5. Shake a volunteer’s hand and thank them in person! Never underestimate the power of a simple in-person thank you.

We’re excited to see volunteers feel the appreciation this month. And we can’t wait to see the creative ways you show your gratitude.