Camp Jackson Service Weekend – Oct. 20-22

Looking for an opportunity for service hours?  Wanna clean up our camp?  You are invited to join us at the Service Weekend at Camp Jackson.  Service opportunities have been identified for all levels of skill and age:

  1. Repair tent platforms and erect frames for tents.  Need cordless screwdrivers or drills, 4′ level, circular saw, miter saw, etc.  Remember personal protective equipment.
  2. Clean outside bathrooms near OA lodge
  3. Patch and paint kitchen walls.  Materials are available at camp.
  4. Repair hole in eave at bathhouse
  5. Clear weeds along first part of pinnacle trail
  6. Clean the boats
  7. Clean and weatherproof the decks on the OA lodge and kitchen.  Materials are available at camp.
  8. Clean insides of all buildings.
  9. Pick up trash along trails and beaches
  10. Build picnic tables for campsites.  Materials are available at camp.

The camp is open all weekend for those units wishing to camp while working.  The work day will be on Saturday, Oct. 21.

All projects are authorized by the Camp Ranger and are organized by the Order of the Arrow.  All Scouts and Leaders are invited to come and help.

For more information, contact the Council Service Center or Mac at 756 575 1121.