New Chartered Organization Representative Training

New Chartered Organization Represenative Training
Volunteer leaders fulfilling the role of a Chartered Organization Representative in the BSA are key to the success of retaining membership and achieving membership growth. With that in mind, brand-new online training has been created to impact the long-term sustainability of existing units and to achieve true collaboration and alignment between the Chartered Organization, BSA professionals, and the Chartered Organization Representative.
The Chartered Organization Representative learning plan consists of four modules, ranging from ten to fifteen minutes in length, including:

• What is a Charter? The word charter has several meanings, but in the case of an organization, a charter defines or mandates its functions and lays down rules for its conduct or governance. This module defines what a charter is.
• Scouting Units: This module summarizes the types of Scouting units and programs the BSA offers, and promotes the full family of Scouting units.
• The COR Position: This module reviews the role of a chartered organization representative.
• BSA Standards and Volunteers: This module examines the BSA standards of membership and leadership, indemnification, Youth Protection, other required leader training, as well as how to recruit and motivate unit volunteers to become trained

Volunteers can access Chartered Organization Representative training around-the-clock on the BSA Learn Center by logging into their My.Scouting account.