Summit Outpost at Camp Comer

Coming Summer 2018 …. Summit Outpost at Camp Comer
During Weeks Five and Six at Camp Comer, a new program for youth aged 13 and older will be offered.  A Scout may attend Camp Comer with their troop, but on Monday morning will travel to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, where Scouts will have an opportunity to have an advanced outdoor experience.

Programs will include a ropes course, BMX and Mountain Biking, all aquatic activities at the Goodrich Lake, canopy tour, rafting on the New River and the skateboard park! 

Space will be limited to 10 youth and 2 adults. There will be no fee for adults unless they wish to go rafting.  The cost to go rafting is $75 per adult leader. Adults will need to apply to lead this trip. 

More information coming in the 2018 Camp Comer Leaders’ Guide!