SCUBA Merit Badge

Attention all Scouts ages 13-17 who are interested in learning to Scuba Dive. A generous Eagle Scout has offered Scholarships for 7 Boy Scouts to participate in Family Dive Club’s Summer Scuba Camp, which takes place for a week this June in Pelham.
Scouts choose one of two Camp sessions.
                Session I – June 11-15, 2018
                Session II – June 18-22, 2018

Camp takes place at Blue Water Scuba Park Mon-Fri,  8:30 am-4: 30 pm each day.

No prior Scuba experience is necessary, however, Scouts need to have adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. Scouts, ages 13-17, need a mature attitude, good judgment and self-discipline to follow the guidelines for safe diving. 

Campers will have the opportunity to earn a PADI Open Water or Jr. Open Water Scuba Certification while simultaneously earning their Scuba Merit Badge.

Campers are required 5-10 hours of independent study prior to the start of camp in preparation for the academic portion of the course. Campers and a parent/guardian are required to attend a Scuba Camp Orientation in April or May prior to the start camp. For campers’ safety, before any in-water activities, students will complete a medical questionnaire that screens for medical conditions. A physician will need to evaluate the camper if there are any yeses on the questionnaire. Campers are required to attend all 5 days of camp and stay the whole time each day in order to be eligible to earn the Certification and Merit Badge.

Any camper with asthma, chronic respiratory conditions or seizures will need to see a physician prior to camp. Email for the medical form.

How to apply for the scholarship: Simply fill out the attached form, write a short essay, get a parent’s and scout leader’s signatures and send the form in by April 15, 2018.
If you wish to register for Scuba Camp without applying for the scholarship you can go to to register.
Scuba Camp is a premier personal growth and leadership opportunity for teens. Through applied skills, we use SCUBA Diving to teach campers important life skills such as leadership, organization, focus, awareness, safety, communication, self-confidence, decision making, and responsibility. In a safe, supportive environment, campers learn to engage with others and the world around them. These valuable skills help prepare young people to cope with life and to thrive in a changing world.

How can I learn more about Family Dive Club? You can go to or you can call 205-249-2267.

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