New Nova Awards Announced

The Nova Awards are available to all Boy Scouts and are optional. Requirements must be completed while registered as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or Venturer and before turning age 18.

Here are the Nova Awards available to Cub Scouts

  1. Science Everywhere
  2. Down and Dirty   NEW!
  3. Nova Wild   NEW!
  4. Out of This World   NEW!
  5. Tech Talk
  6. Swing
  7. 1-2-3 Go!
  8. Uncovering the Past   NEW!
  9. Fearful Symmetry  NEW!

Here are the Boy Scout Nova Awards

  1. Shoot
  2. Let it Grow   NEW!
  3. Start Your Engines
  4. Whoosh
  5. Designed to Crunch

And Venturers can earn these Nova Awards

  1. Launch
  2. Power Up
  3. Hang On
  4. Numbers Don’t Lie

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