Cub Scouts – for Boys and Girls

Beginning June 1st, 2018, girls and boys can be Cub Scouts.

  1. Remember a Pack may have dens for boys and/or dens for girls.  A Pack may have all girl-dens, all boy-dens, or some of each.  Ask your Pack committee chair or Cub Master what your Pack will be offering.
  2. Early summer is a great time to recruit.  Get those new boys and girls into dens and go have some summer adventures.
  3. The annual recruiting drives in the fall will be re-organized to attract boys and girls into Cub Scouts.  Please attend the training sessions to learn how you can be most effective in recruiting.  We aim to attract the whole family; the boys, the girls, the parents.  Each can be part of Scouting.
  4. For more information, check out this recently updated FAQ.