Capture the Flag – Camp Sequoyah

Capture the Flag- Camp Sequoyah
Your adrenaline rushes as you race through the woods. Inching closer to the other teams base. The flag is in sight. Will you make it unseen? Will you capture the flag?
The Greater Alabama Council is pleased to announce a game of fun, a game of strategy, a game of energy, a game you do not want to miss! This is Capture The Flag!
From March 29-31 Camp Sequoyah will become the site of an extreme game of Capture The Flag. Do you have what it takes? Does your unit have what it takes? If you answered yes then come accept the challenge! Can you be the top Boy Scout of Venturer by the end of the weekend?
Test your mettle. Be a champion!

Follow the link below to register your Troop or Crew or register as a staff member for this great event.

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