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Are you interested in taking your Advising or Leadership skills to the next level in the OA? This November, the Southern Region is hosting the Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC) for Advisers and the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) in Antioch, TN.
To be considered for a slot for DYLC, Please click here to complete the form.
To be considered for a slot to NLS, please click here to complete the form.

The August Induction weekend is just around the corner! Taking place August 9-11 at Camp Comer, this is an excellent opportunity for you and the youth of your unit to complete the OA’s induction process!
Now is the time to pay your dues for the 2019 year! You can pay them online by clicking the link below where you will be taken to the Lodge’s Registration page. From there, you can opt to pay your dues or purchase a 2019 Event Pass- a streamlined way to get you into all of the events hosted by Coosa Lodge, and pick up a really nifty patch, too! When you pay your dues, you are able to stay up-to-date with all of the latest happenings with Coosa Lodge, and are eligible to run for Lodge Office as well.

2019 Dues & Event Passes