Your Annual Program Plan

The BSA encourages each Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship, and Post to create an Annual Program Plan each year. Why? It’s a great tool. Consider this:

  • Your Annual Program Plan is a great way for the youth leaders to brainstorm their ideas for the year, then work the details to keep the good ideas and make them happen. This is how to make youth-led program successful.
  • Your Annual Program Plan gives you a way to estimate your expenses for the year. Campouts, summer camp, leadership training, patches and awards, maybe a big event; all of these cost money. Then you can add fund raising to cover those expenses into the Plan. Remember to find a way so that ALL of your Scouts are financially able to participate.
  • Your Annual Program Plan provides a road map to planning the big activities. Want to hike the Appalachian Trail? Start with weekend camping, then add shorter hikes, then more practice with trail cooking, then longer hikes, then eventually you’re on the AT.
  • Your Annual Program Plan helps you plan ahead for leadership development activities. Need to break in those new patrol leaders before the big hike?
  • Your Annual Program Plan is a great recruiting tool. If you’re active, people want to be part of it. Show how much fun you are going to have in recruiting activities and to the people already in your unit.
  • Your Annual Program Plan is a great way to communicate with the Leaders, Scouts, and Parents. Post it on your web site. Hand it out at unit meetings. Review it at committee meetings.

Remember: Make the Plan – Work the Plan.