STEM Scouts and STEM Exploring

Today, the National Executive Board with support from the Learning for Life Board passed a resolution for 2 new programs to be launched in 2021 – STEM Scouts & STEM Exploring. This is very exciting!
The Greater Alabama Council has been a participating Council in the pilot of these new programs. We are pleased to announce that we can start new STEM Labs in any part of Council, effective immediately.
What is STEM Scouts? STEM Scouts is a traditional BSA program that utilizes the Scout Oath & Law. The program is for youth in 1st through 8th grade. STEM Scouts meet in groups called Labs that typically consist of between 8 to 16 youth. They work with Lab Managers (Parents) and STEM professionals to do fun, hands-on experiments that teach STEM-related concepts and show how STEM knowledge is used both in everyday life and in the professional world. 
The Lab receives a monthly kit, mailed directly from National Supply, that provides the lesson plans, experiments, safety supplies, and other items needed to provide this amazing program.
The annual membership fee is $200 ($250 beginning August 2020), which includes the registration fee, eye protection, and core activity materials. 
If you or someone you know is interested in getting a STEM Lab started in your community, please contact our office. More information is available HERE
What is STEM Exploring? STEM Exploring is a program offering of Learning for Life and will have its own aims, methods, & code. The STEM aspects of the program are identical to STEM Scouts. STEM Exploring is often school-sponsored. The Lab kits, as mentioned above, are mailed directly to the school and the program is run by the teachers or the guidance counselor. If your School District is interested in utilizing this program to forward your aims and objectives as they relate to Character Development and STEM, please contact our office.