Camp Card Sale

Every Scout should experience the fun and adventure of BSA Summer Camp!Attending Day CampWebelos Camp, or Summer Camp is an amazing experience that showcases Scouting at its best! Scouts experience new things, have fun, and make memories that last a lifetime!
The Greater Alabama Council wants to help all of our Scouts attend Camp this summer and the Camp Card Program is designed to help Scouts get there!
What is a Camp Card?A Camp Card is a discount card that sells for $10. The Unit earns a 50% commission on every card they sell. These funds can be applied toward attending camp, purchasing sleeping bags and camping gear, or for anything the unit committee sees fit. IN ADDITION to earning commissions, Scouts can earn the PRIZE of a youth campership (FREE CAMP) to attend one of our Council Camps this summer!
The Camp Card Program is risk free, the Unit pays nothing upfront and can return unsold cards.
Full Details can be found in our Camp Card Leaders Guide.
Best Prize Program EVER!
SELL 45 CARDS – Receive a FULL Campership Prize to attend Day Camp!
SELL 60 CARDS – Receive a FULL Campership Prize to attend Webelos Camp!
SELL 100 CARDS – Receive a FULL Campership Prize to attend Summer Camp!
This is IN ADDITION to any commissions earned from selling cards.Full details on the Prize program are found in our Camp Card Leaders Guide
Visit our Website for full details on Camp Cards
Camp Cards can be picked up at Roundtable, our Scout Service Centers, from your District Executive, or have them mailed to you. Please contact your District Executive or our office for more info: 205-970-0251
The sale starts February 7th and ends May 8th.
Unit not selling? That’s OK! Contact us to learn how your Scout can participate!