Olan Sheets – gone home

Clarence Olan Sheets was an amazing man with an amazing life. “Big O”, as he was effectually called,  was born in 1921 in West Virginia. He joined the West Virginia National Guard and served in Alaska during WWII. After the war, Olan was stationed at Ft. McClellan in Anniston where he met his bride for life, sweet Betty. Together they raised a family while Big O delivered mail, drove a bus, shoed horses, became an accomplished storyteller and mentored and served thousands of young men through Scouting. His ability to spin a yarn while humbly serving others is what created the “Big O” mystic. 
When people spoke with Big O, they heard tales of an extraordinary man. He met generals, faced the enemy on American soil, served as a Scout leader for nearly 70 years, and raised many a horse. 
Big O never went to college, held a prestigious office, or much cared for titles. He did the simple daily chores required to make Scouting work and society a better place. After telling a story, he would sweep the floor, teach a kid a skill, or serve food in the dining hall. If it weren’t for people like Big O who are always there lending a hand, there would be no Scouting. This shows true commitment to a cause. A true commitment to serving Scouts and society. This is why so many people admire and love Big O. In between telling stories, he quietly sprinkles salt on the earth. Doing his part to make life better for others. With just a simple smile Big O could wash away a world of pain and sorrow. In an article from the Anniston Star Big O said: “The Payment in Scouting is to see how the boys develop and mature in life, there have been thousands and there will be more. I’m going to be doing this as long as I can get a foot out of the bed”. And he did just that. 
Thank you, Big O for showing us how to live a full and joyous life that makes the world a better place. Give Betty a kiss and tell St. Peter a few stories. 
A graveside service for Olan Sheets, who died last week, will be on Saturday, March 7, at 2:00 PM at Chosea Springs Baptist Cemetery