Online Advancement Opportunity!

The Greater Alabama Council is excited to announce the offering of nine online merit badges during the month of April for Scouts to work on from home. The below merit badges will be offered during April.

The merit badges below will be offered. Each class will last one hour each session for three days. You must attend all three days. Note: Game Design will be held for four days.
> Entrepreneurship Merit Badge: April 1-3 @ 7:00PM
> Personal Management Merit Badge: April 7-9 @ 3:00PM 
> Mammal Study Merit Badge: April 7-9 @ 11:00AM
> Art Merit Badge: April 13-15 @ 1:00PM
> Scouting Heritage Merit Badge I: April 13-15 @ 4:00PM
> Game Design Merit Badge: April 21-24 @11:00AM
> Communications Merit Badge: April 21-24 @ 3:00PM
> American Labor Merit Badge: April 28-30 @ 10:30AM
> Scouting Heritage Merit Badge II: April 28-30 @ 6:00PM

We are excited to launch our virtual merit badge classroom via Zoom. You will receive an email notification after signing-up with more information regarding the merit badge and classroom setting.  To register, please click on the link below.
Click here to Register Today!