Camp Connected

We shop online, receive our news from online sources, go online for entertainment, and stay connected to friends and family through online social media. So why not camp online? The Greater Alabama Council is pleased to offer a unique summer experience for Scouts BSA participants focused on fun and learning. 

Camp is about making new friends, discovering adventure, building memories, and of course advancement. Camp Connected brings you those incredible experiences of camping and places them right in your home from the comfort of your favorite chair. With Camp Connected the fun of camp is just a click away. 

Camp Connected will feature over 30 merit badge offerings you can choose from. Scouts can take 4 merit badges per week, participate in virtual campfires, flag programs, online activities, digital contests, and more. 

Two Weeks have been scheduled for this 21st century camping adventure:

  • June 14-18
  • June 21-24 

Look for more information later this month on the great program lined up.