Program Planning Kick-off moved to June

Dear Scouting Families,

Program Planning Kick-off & Trainings are being moved from May Roundtables to June Roundtables. This training is designed to help your unit develop a strong annual program with associated funding plan. Our calendar for the upcoming program year is currently influx due to COVID-19. By moving the kick-offs back a month we believe we will be able to provide more accurate information and better help your unit with their program planning.

What is the Program Planning Kick-off & Training?
A common element of strong Scouting units is that they have an annual program planned a year in advance that is then shared with all families in the form of a calendar. This includes having a strong unit funding plan. Unit’s with these plans attract more families and keep them engaged and involved.¬†

All parent’s and Scouts want to know the answer to two questions; what are we going to do? and how much is it going to cost?¬†That is the purpose of the Program Planning Kick-off & Training. Each Unit receives the training, tools, and supplies necessary to plan & budget your upcoming year of Scouting!

The kick-off & training has 4 sections:
1. How to create a strong annual program plan
2. How to create a strong unit funding plan
3. Council Program Preview for 2020-2021
4. District Program Preview for 2020-2021

It is recommended that each unit has at least 2 representatives in attendance at this training. Please visit our website for more information. Training’s will be held at your District’s June Roundtable and may be held digitaly.