Popcorn Show-n-Sell at Kroger – pick your date

Good Afternoon, I have heard back from Melissa at Kroger’s please see below. Please go ahead and send me your dates so it can be prepared if and when we get the go ahead.

If Kroger approves, units would need to limit the number of scouts and supervisors….and all would need to be masked and practice social distancing, etc.    What some are doing is going ahead and preparing their schedules and maybe even doing sign ups, but letting their troops know that this is just to be prepared in case approved.  That isn’t approved yet. 

Selling could be between Sept. 11th and 25th or somewhere around there, pending approval.    Please know if we get a lot of concern/push back from customers, we would have to ask you to stop being out there.  

Please figure out your show-n-sell date preferences and send them to Curtis as soon as possible.