Camporee Information


Here is the Leader’s Guide for 2020 Camporee. Also, here is the council’s COVID health form. Every participant must turn in a signed copy during check-in. Of course, each unit should have a BSA health form for each participant. 

Three requests in the email to troop leaders:

1. Please provide at least one extra plate for one Camporee staffer at each meal. Staff will be rotating through troops throughout the weekend.

2. We need a troop to step up and run the string burn activity in the horse ring as well as provide pallets, wood, and water buckets for the Saturday evening camp fire.

3. Don’t forget we are having a Bazaar on Saturday afternoon for scouts to trade their rupees  for used scout gear. Rupees are earned in the morning activities. Please bring your used camping gear, uniform parts, and old merit badge books. You can clean out your closet and the Scouts take home a treasure!

Yours in Scouting,
John Kelton