Criminal Background Checks with Re-Charter

Hello Everyone,  

Something you need to be aware of.  We have run into a problem with Scoutnet. Many of the Criminal Background Checks (CBC’s) that were received last year during re-charter process and were updated in Scoutnet didn’t take, meaning the system didn’t save it when Penny entered it. It appears this occurred for about 50% of all adult CBC’s we received.  

To resolve this, Penny is going through every CBC received and ensuring it is updated in Scoutnet. This is a painstaking task as there are thousands of them to verify. She started on this project last week and is making good progress.  

As units complete their online re-charter they are shown what adults still need a CBC. (See Images Below). This currently may produce bad data due to the problem described above. We hope to have this fixed by next week.   

Thanks,   Nathan Dutson | Director of Field Service COO