Scouting Stories Project

The Three Easy Steps to Ensuring Your Greater Alabama Council Legacy

We’re lucky. We’re lucky, because during isolating times like these we share a remarkable connection not everyone has –– the Scouting connection. Scouting is a thread of life-changing adventures enjoyed with friends and family. Those experiences helped shape the adults we are today. And no one can tell the story of Scouting better than you.  What’s more priceless than memories of your favorite camp story, or how you helped that one kid who was struggling to earn a merit badge, or that week spent at summer camp in the pouring rain, or the joy of completing your Order of the Arrow Ordeal? Not much! Make your story part of the Greater Alabama Council legacy by following these three simple steps:
STEP 1—LOOK FOR A YELLOW POSTCARD IN YOUR MAIL.  Soon, you will receive a yellow postcard featuring our logo on the front.  

STEP 2—UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. When you call the toll-free number on the postcard, you will reach a trained representative who will help you update the personal information we have on file.  

STEP 3—CONTINUE THE LEGACY Once your contact information is updated, the interviewer will ask if you would like to share your favorite Greater Alabama Council experience for our council’s digital archive. As an alumni of the Greater Alabama Council Scouting program, you are a critical part of ensuring Scouting’s legacy for generations to come.  

Sharing your story affords you the opportunity to support the council, purchase Greater Alabama Council apparel, and/or purchase a commemorative book celebrating our local Scouting program—100 percent of monetary donations as well as a portion of apparel purchases goes directly to helping our council continue to bring Scouting to boys and girls in our community.  

So, don’t wait. Call the toll-free number on the card and share your story as Greater Alabama Council Scout, volunteer, advisor, mentor, or proud parent. Every story is important and powerful in fulfilling this exciting legacy project. Help us fill our digital vault with your priceless memories of leadership, character development, and how the promise of Scouting unfolded for you. We can’t wait to share in your stories!