Short Videos for Celebration of Heroes

Talakto District, 

I am needing your help to Highlight some local Hereos in your units and District. As part of the event, we will mingle in short 8 second videos of our Scouts and Scouters sharing who their Scouting Heroes are.  

This is where the Talakto District comes in. 

We want a variety of videos from all across Madison County, Talakto District. From Youth to Adults. Quick clips of them telling us who their Scouting Hero is and why.

They should all start with “My Scouting Hero is ___________ , because _____________”. Keep them short and simple. These can be recorded via cell phones and we would prefer they be in uniform, especially the youth.

We need a bunch of these, so I would like each unit to get at least 3 “share your Scouting Hero” videos by Thursday 5th.  8:00p.m.  If you can get more than this it would be very much appreciated. 

Once you have completed your video, please send them to my cell phone, 256-361-7303 or email I will make sure that I send them to the Council.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

I look forward to seeing your videos and your heroes!

Thank You, 
Curtis Hunt