William Bains-Jordon – Gone Home

My grandfather, William H. Bains-Jordan, passed away last week at the age of 104.

He was an Eagle Scout from Hawaii, and a member of their longest continuously running troop (which I understand is currently 103 years old!). He gained a lot from Scouting, including the connections that led to his careers, thanks to his Boards of Review (or the equivalent back then). He was present when Pearl Harbor was bombed, though on the other side of the island … on his honeymoon … and as part of the civilian effort, aided in clean-up and some evacuation work, as well as the bank work described in his obituary. I have been told they could see the bombers flying over and looking at them, they were so close … that side of the island got hit first. No doubt many Scout skills came in handy during those war years!

His Scouting became a family legacy, and though I don’t know how many other family members were also Scouts of various types, I do know that my grandmother was my mom’s Scout leader, she was mine, and I’m here with Talakto District and my kids today. (They get it from both sides, to be fair.) He kept up the sporting he learned throughout his century of life, and if the lockdown hadn’t happened, he’d probably still be at it!

¬†There won’t be any service immediately, though possibly a local memorial later on. When travel restrictions lift, his ashes will be scattered on the ocean back in his home state, just as he wished.

Kristen Shields
COR for Troops 96 & 97 
and proud granddaughter of an Eagle Scout

Obituary for William Harry Bains-Jordan at Berryhill Funeral Home & Crematory

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