Popcorn Update – 21 Sept

Talakto Popcorn Kernels,

Good news!  Council placed a mid-season order with Trail’s End for $52K more popcorn!  Nearly half of that product is arriving at the Hsv Scout Office tomorrow.  Please email Curtis (curtis.hunt@scouting.org) to schedule a pick up time on Thursday, 9/23/2021, between 1pm – 4pm.

Your unit will not be required to take all of what you requested for the mid-season order, but until every unit has been able to pick up popcorn on Thursday afternoon, your unit will be limited to at most what you requested here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11BHUbuV08c7-13soxqKSCk05Ll2A_hsESjygbPRUkNs/edit?usp=sharing

Once we know how much popcorn is still available, you can contact the Hsv Scout Office to pick up additional popcorn.  In the meantime, you can still trade District Storefront reservations and product with other Talakto Units in the GAC Talakto Popcorn Facebook Group!

Happy selling,

Lora King
District Popcorn Chair

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