Soaring into Spring with the OA

Spring time brings new opportunities and adventures with the OA! With fun events such as Spring Pow-Wow and SR-9 Section Conclave coming, the opportunities for adventure abound! Also, if your Scout wants to take part, now is the time to enroll in the OA’s High Adventure Program. This program provides a unique experience for your Arrowman to explore and contribute to the legacy of the BSA’s High Adventure Bases. To learn more about the OA’s High Adventure Program, click here or on the link below.

To make sure you are in the loop, be sure to make sure your OA Dues are paid and that the Lodge has your most current email address so you can receive the Lodge’s digital newsletter. Also, once you pay your Lodge dues for the year, you’ll receive a “Member in Good Standing” patch! Need to update your mailing address or email address? Please take a moment to submit the form below!  

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