Popcorn Sales Site Coordination

I’m the new District Popcorn Chair (Popcorn Kernel or PK). I’m coordinating the Lowe’s, WalMart, and Kroger Storefronts for the 2021 Selling Season.

Sign-ups will be opened in July using a method I’m borrowing from the Girl Scouts – Initial short periods where units are limited to one reservation per type of store, so that all units have a chance at the “good” locations, before allowing units to sign-up freely.

Once I can get into the District Popcorn website, I can see what’s available to me, but likely these reservations will done through Sign Up Genius.

Please direct any further popcorn questions to talaktopopcorn@gmail.com, as my personal email is so clogged with spam that many important messages will get missed!
Thank you,

Lora Kingtalaktopopcorn@gmail.com256-990-9277