Flag Retirement Request

As Scouts, we are trusted by our fellow citizens with properly retiring American flags. This solemn trust and responsibility isn’t one that we take lightly or for granted. While Coosa Lodge of the Order of the Arrow handles a lot of flag retirements each year, we need your help in properly and respectfully retiring American flags that have been entrusted to our stewardship. To facilitate this, we have developed a request form where you or your unit can request a flag or flags that you can retire. These are available for pick-up at either the Birmingham or Huntsville offices, or you can work with your District Executive to get the flag(s) to retire.

Additionally, we have provided several informative links that you can view to plan your retirement ceremony. We strongly encourage you to read the Scouting Blog link as it contains information on the safe retirement practices for retiring modern, “all weather” flags which are made of highly combustible materials like nylon or polyester.
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