Popcorn StoreFront Signup – Round 2

Talakto Popcorn Kernels,

Just a reminder that the first week of signups for District coordinated Storefronts will end at 8pm tonight!  We had a lot of demand for some locations, so get your picks in before Round 2 starts!  Please contact me (info below) if your unit does not have access to the sign-up!

  • Round 2 will run 8pm Mon 7/26 to 8pm Mon 8/2.  Units will be allowed to reserve 3 slots at 2 different locations on 3 different weekends.  Plus, no single unit will be allowed to reserve an entire weekend at any 1 location.
  • Round “Free” will start at 8pm Mon 8/2.  Units will have no limits on where and how many slots they can reserve!
  • Additional slots will be added to the sign-up as they are confirmed.

Yours in Scouting,

Lora King
District Popcorn Chair