Get your Scouts featured in local media

he tradition started some time around April 2020.

Any time a Scout in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council made headlines, Brandon Kathman took the news clipping and posted it on the wall of his office.

It was a way for Kathman, a district executive with a degree in journalism, and the volunteers on the council marketing committee to celebrate each of these positive stories about local Scouting.

Over the months that followed, the number of clippings grew. And grew. At last count, there are nearly 90 examples of Scouts making headlines in the Tampa area.

“This ritual became the chaotic, overlapping wallpaper that can be seen today,” Kathman says. “We ran out of surface area first. Then we finally ran out of tacks.”

You don’t need to be a council professional with a degree in journalism to get your Scouts featured in the local newspaper, TV station or digital media outlet. You just need the right pitch.

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