November Meetings

Talakto Unit Leaders, 
As a reminder, the November Roundtable is next Thursday, 4 November, at the First UMC.  Please note that we will hold re-charter make-up training starting at 6:00pm prior to the RT, which starts at 7:00pm.  Kaskanampo Chapter OA Meeting starts at 7:00pm in the basement.

The District Annual Meeting, when the election for district members at large and district leadership will be held, will be at 6:45 in the Cub Roundtable area.
We will also have door hangers for Scouting for Food for those who don’t pick them up at the Scout Office prior to next Thursday, assuming any are remaining.
We had a sizable turn-out last month for the recharter training.  Given there is a new re-charter process in place, it is imperative that all units be represented with either their committee chair or committee recharter rep.  For this make-up training, I would like to encourage those who attended the October training to come back to assist with questions and answers for everyone’s benefit.  As you remember, the system did not go live until 15 October, so we didn’t have the luxury of going in and testing before we did the training.
Last month, we had limited handouts for the training.  In advance of next week, I encourage you to go to the GAC website under recharter section (Rechartering – Greater Alabama Council ( and download a copy of the Recharter Leaders’ Guide, FAQs (under Docs & Info section) and review the webinar video prior to the training next week.  I would rather not show the video again, but just the slides.  I want to have time to go over lessons learned from those who have already ventured into the new system.
Awards forms are also due soon.  Dianna sent out an email a couple of weeks ago, and the announcement is also on the district website.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and support and hope to see many of you next week.
Jim Charlton
Talakto District Commissioner