Guide to Safe Scouting updates for Fall 2021

As a a part of its commitment to ensuring a safe Scouting program for all participants, the BSA routinely reviews, revises, and updates the Guide To Safe Scouting. 

The Fall 2021 Updates include:
Aquatic Policy 
+ Update to the Scuba Policy. 
+ Prohibiting the use of Full-Face Snorkels. 
+ Lifejacket language to reflect performance levels. 
BSA’S Commitment to Safety 
+ Update to the BSA’S Commitment of Safety. 
Camping Policy 
+ Update in Format/Delivery. 
+ Age-Appropriate Guidelines for camping integrated into Age-Appropriate for Scouting. 
Immunization Policy 
+ Update to the current Vaccination Policy. (Effective 6/1/2022) 
The Safe Checklist 
+ Transition from the Sweet 16 Of BSA Safety to SAFE Scouting. 
Transportation Policy 
+ Update in Format/Delivery. 
Prohibited Activity List 
+ Council cannon use exception has been eliminated. 
New Sections Incorporated in GTSS 
+ Wilderness First Aid 
+ Hazard Trees 
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