Recharter Now


Time is running out to complete your Unit’s Annual Recharter Process! We have developed a handy resource page to help you as you begin the Recharter process. Rechartering can be a simple process if you use the resources on the web page linked below. 

Why is it so important to get your unit rechartered by December 1st? Units that complete the recharter process by December 1st will have no holds or problems when it comes time to:
> Register for Summer Camp
> Submit Advancement Paperwork including Eagle Scout or Summit Award paperwork
> Enter into the registration lottery for Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, or other high adventure programs
> Participate in high adventure programs
> Have Scouts sign-up for events like National Scout Jamboree or National Order of the Arrow Conference
> And more!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your District Executive.
Recharter Resource Page