CQ CQ CQ – Seeking Scouters for HamFest

CQ CQ CQ – Seeking Scouters for HamFest

The Talakto Radio Committee is seeking youth-oriented adults with HF amateur radio experience.

The youth lounge at the Huntsville HamFest offers opportunities for youth to get hands-on experience with amateur radio.  A HF radio will be available for youth to try to make contacts, under supervision of adult control operators.  A modern software-defined radio will be provided by HamFest for use.  Huntsville HamFest is at the VBC on August 19 and 20.  Here are some of the activities in the youth lounge:  https://hamfest.org/youth-lounge

If you would like to take a shift or two showing the fun and potential of radio, please contact Monte Bateman (bateman.bsa@gmail.com) or Richard Stone (drstone@mac.com).

BTW, We are also offering Radio Merit Badge on Saturday of HamFest.  More details to come.  Stay tuned.

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c,t:  505 238 1149