Popcorn Update – Oct. 20

Talakto Popcorn Kernels,

The 2021 Selling Season is nearly over!

Final Orders are due by 3pm next Tuesday, Oct. 26th.  Submit them through your PK Portal for Council approval.  Please contact Derrick Russaw (derrick.russaw@scouting.org) if you have issues submitting your Final Order.

Preparing for your Final Order:

  1. Collect all order forms from Scout Families and ensure all Wagon Sales are entered into the TE System.  Check that Delivered/Undelivered statuses have been set correctly.
  2. Collect final payments from Scout Families for all Wagon Sales.  If they can’t pay right then, get clearance from your Unit Committee before ordering the popcorn for those Wagon Sales!
  3. Reconcile your remaining Storefront inventory.  Determine how much of your current inventory is needed to satisfy Undelivered Wagon Sales and how much is extra to be turned in.
  4. Enter your Final Order in the PK Portal for everything else you need to satisfy your Undelivered Wagon Sales and to cover any unordered American Heroes donations from your Storefronts.
  5. Arrange to drop off your extra product at the Hsv Scout Office by Oct. 26th!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Lora King
Talakto Popcorn Chair

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