Scouting For Food – reminders

Talakto Scouters, 
As a reminder, the Scouting for Food (SFF) campaign will kick-off next month.  Saturday, 6 November, is when you will distribute door hangars in your neighborhood. On Saturday, 13 November, you would then go back to those same neighborhoods and pick up the bags of food for those households which choose to participate.  No knocking on doors required at all.  Just leave the door hangars one week and pick up food the next week for bags left outside their doors.
Participation in Scouting for Food DOES count for service hours for scouts needing hours for rank credit.  Of course, don’t just do it for the rank, but do it because it is a great cause! Plus, those who participate will earn a special patch, as well as a 2021 metal pin.  There will be a new metal pin each year you participate. Units which support SFF will also earn a participation ribbon for their unit flag.  If your unit is doing other civic service activities during the year, make sure you add the SFF total to your overall community service hours total for the year.  What a deal!
In order to get the patches, pins, and ribbon, unity will need to register at the council website at Scouting for Food – Greater Alabama Council (  You will see a registration tab. 
Door hangars will be available at the Scout  office on Drake for those units who register.  We will also have them available at the next Roundtable on Thursday, 4 November.
Specific food drop-off locations times for all the bags you collect will be sent out as soon as we know, although I have been told that the North Alabama Food Bank will have a truck located at the Scout office on Drake Avenue on Saturday, 13 November. I just don’t have the time as of yet.  You can also donate to your church’s food pantry.  Key is getting the total weight of the food your unit collects. 
More information is located on the above link.
Jim Charlton
Talakto District Commissioner