Popcorn Update – 3 Aug.

alakto Popcorn Kernels, We have made it to Round “Free” for reserving District Storefront days!  A Scout is courteous.  Please leave space for others to reserve storefronts later this week.  By next week, they’ve had their chance, so go crazy!https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090449aca623abfc1-2021 Reminder: Your Initial … Read More

Popcorn – Store Front Sign-up

Talakto Popcorn Kernels, The District Storefront Sign-up has been created!  Until next Monday at 8pm, each unit may only sign-up for 2 days, and those 2 days must be on different weekends at different locations.  Please contact me if your … Read More

Popcorn Training

July 15th, 6:30 p.m. Location: First United Methodist Church, 120 Greene St. SE, Huntsville, Alabama 35801 Show-n-Sell Orders Due Thursday, August 5th Units hold Popcorn Kick-Offs August 9th-20th Show-n-Sell Unit Pickup August 26th & 27th Sale Begins Friday, August 27th … Read More

American Values Luncheon 2021

Join us on Thursday, August 19 at the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel as we honor the 2021 Recipients of the Heart of the Eagle Award: Mr. Greg Sankey, Commissioner of the SEC, and Dr. Michael S. Saag, M.D. UAB-Division of Infectious … Read More

Popcorn POCs – Last Call

Last Call for 2021 Popcorn POCs Only 15 Units have provided a Popcorn POC!  If your unit’s Popcorn Chair or a temporary Popcorn POC has not received an email notification that they have been added to the Talakto District 2021 Popcorn … Read More

Popcorn Sales Site Coordination

I’m the new District Popcorn Chair (Popcorn Kernel or PK). I’m coordinating the Lowe’s, WalMart, and Kroger Storefronts for the 2021 Selling Season. Sign-ups will be opened in July using a method I’m borrowing from the Girl Scouts – Initial … Read More

Get Ready for Popcorn

Good afternoon Popcorn Kernels, The Unit Popcorn Kernels recently met to start planning the Popcorn Sales. Step 1: Share this information with your parents in the units.  If you have any questions don’t hesitant to ask. Step 2: Start thinking … Read More

Info from Popcorn Kernel

All, In case you missed the announcement at the Talakto District Program Preview Conference (PPC) on Thursday, I’m the new Talakto District Popcorn Kernel.  Please see the link below for some general info on the 2021 Fall Popcorn Fundraiser. I’ll be sending … Read More